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Two Way Radio

WOKI Talk is a famous walkie talkie supplier in Malaysia.

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WOKI Talk Business Scope

Walkie Talkie

WOKI H630S is one of our hot selling walkie talkie for Malaysia market. This walkie talkie is designed to provide wide signal coverage and durability for all condition.

Trunk Radio

Our radio is trunking through out the peninsular Malaysia. WOKI Talk does has the capability to setup dedicate repeater system for your special needs. Work with us to get the best coverage.

House Security System

Setting up a reliable alarm system for your lovely house becomes one of the basic setup and commitment to your love one. Install your house alarm system is the first step toward total self-security.


We have established a comprehensive spare part list for walkie talkie, trunk radio and home security apparatus.

Walkie Talkie and Trunk Radio Information & Annoucement

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Hytera Palm Mic for Trunk Radio

Handheld palm mic is a common accessory in trunk radio walkie talkie.  WOKI Talk offers 3 type of Hytera palm mic which suitable for Hytera Brand radio.  A palm mic is a must […]

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Letter to Maltel Communication

Recently WOKI Talk is facing great challenge while distributing Hytera and Kenwood digital trunk radio to the market.  We aware the challenge is always there especially we are facing Electcoms as our respect […]

WOKI Talk Products

Malaysia MCMC has emphasized the full implementation of digital trunk radio since Jan 2016 and facing out the analog trunk radio. Currently WOKI Talk is offering 3 digital trunk radio for user:
  1. Kenwood NX series

  2. Motorola Motorbot series

  3. Hytera series

Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm